Colonial Cartage Prioritizes Safety for Drivers & Deliveries

A reliable and experienced shipping partner is a critical link in a manufacturer’s supply chain. Whether transporting pharmaceuticals, food products, beverages, or other consumer packaged goods (CPGs), the modern-day transportation and logistics company must take extra precautions to comply with federal safety regulations, protect drivers and their valuable freight, and protect the driving public sharing the same roadways.

Tracking high-volume deliveries nationwide is complicated and detailed work. Maintaining product quality and security, keeping drivers safe, and orders on schedule are paramount to achieving on-time delivery and satisfied customers, as well as recruiting and retaining a dedicated team of drivers. Here’s how Colonial Cartage gets this right.

Driver Training

With a long history as a transportation logistics provider, we know that the drivers lead the charge in keeping the supply chain running smoothly and efficiently. Our drivers are integral to the team, so we hire only the most qualified candidates with safe driving records. Experience is a given but we expect more from our drivers to meet our stringent loss prevention and safety measurements.

Enhanced road safety training helps protect our drivers and improves the general public’s safety out on the roads. Everyone needs to arrive at their destination safely. Our drivers are taught to anticipate possible distractions and hazards on their journey and improve reaction times.

Colonial Cartage’s safety measures exceed the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) safety standards, which include:

  • Break Requirements: Drivers must have a break of at least 30 consecutive minutes after driving for eight cumulative hours.
  • Minimum Off-Duty Time: A driver needs ten consecutive hours off duty before they can drive a truck. Seven of the ten hours can be spent in the berth of the truck but drivers must spend the remaining three hours outside.
  • Maximum On-Road Hours: Drivers can operate a truck for a maximum of eleven hours before taking a ten-hour break.

We’ve built a culture of safety and trust; we assess every load we carry, ensuring our drivers are equipped and comfortable to transport our client’s goods quickly and smoothly.

The award results of our safety initiatives for the past two years are:

2023 – 1st Place LTL Division Georgia Motor Trucking Association

2022 – 1st Place LTL Division Georgia Motor Trucking Association

Shipping and Vehicle Tracking

We provide further security layers to our carriers and drivers by equipping all Colonial Cartage trucks with electronic logging devices (ELDs) that monitor the location and routing of the vehicles. Our transportation management system (TMS) is customized. It allows us to manage and optimize the movement of freight we ship, ensuring we know the location of our clients’ cargo should the unexpected happen.

Besides increased visibility and security on the roads, our TMS facilitates data analysis to provide better business insights, more accurate and rapid paperwork and documentation completion and visibility, and order tracking to measure on-time arrival, and many more.

Cutting-Edge Tools

Our staff and drivers have extensive experience in the movement of goods. Still, we also believe in equipping our power units to protect our drivers, our assets, and our customers’ products. Beyond ELDs, our tractors and trailers are equipped with cutting-edge tools to make the journey easier and to better ensure the on-time and safe delivery of your orders throughout the 26 states in our service area.

Our trucks use safety technology, including collision avoidance, lane departure, and anti-rollover systems. All-wheel disc brakes and adaptive cruise control provide even more safety to our drivers and your freight. Colonial Cartage vehicles have rear and front-facing cameras, so our drivers have a full view of the road and their load at all times.

Transport Your Goods, Safely

We’ve earned our record for unparalleled safety and on-time performance. Because we value our team and our customers, we have built relationships that have lasted decades. To learn more about how our LTL and TL transportation services can help your business grow, speak to a Colonial Cartage team member today.