More shippers and receivers are employing strategies to condense the order delivery cycle and minimize storage dwell times. Cross-docking is the transfer of products from one truck to another or from a rail car to a truck across a staging area within a short amount of time — eliminating the additional handling and storage required in a standard warehousing process. Shortening not only the length of the journey but also the time consumed from the product’s point of origin to the point of sale allows shippers and receivers to reduce costs associated with double handling, inventory holding, and warehousing.

Colonial and Atlanta Bonded Warehouse have developed the skills and technology and have the assets and experience to coordinate these transfers from receiving across the staging area to loading the orders in their required drop sequence. For customers experienced in high-velocity shipping to those who are ready to experiment with new processes in order to move freight faster with fewer handlings, Colonial Cartage and Atlanta Bonded Warehouse are ready to develop those programs with you. Learn more about our cross-docking services with Atlanta Bonded Warehouse.