LTL Pool Handling

In collaboration with Atlanta Bonded Warehouse
Refrigerated LTL Colonial offers one of the largest pool programs for LTL freight consolidation in the United States, 
covering 26 states in the Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, Upper Midwest, and Great Plains states with scheduled weekly deliveries to every retailer and foodservice distributor within this services area. Unlike most other pool carriers, Colonial does not trap freight to build more profitable loads. If we have an order, it ships per our sailing schedule every week.

By coordinating the shipment of LTL orders, both originating from our warehouse network and from our other pool customers, Colonial is able to build cost-effective delivery solutions that are also dependable.Colonial also offers a breakbulk service where specific orders are picked from products bulk shipped to our dock. This allows for better utilization of inbound equipment and relieves the shipper from the responsibility of picking orders before it leaves their dock. As retailers place smaller orders more frequently and the cost of non-compliance increases, Colonial’s dependable, cost-effective LTL pool program is the solution for your challenges in shipping LTL orders.Learn more about our LTL Pool Handling Services with Atlanta Bonded Warehouse.