LTL Solutions for Food-Grade Products

The reliability and efficiency of logistics solutions can make or break the supply chain performance of large or small food companies. Colonial Cartage is ready to meet all your product distribution requirements with its combined transportation network, experience, and specialized food-grade equipment.

If your current volume is not enough to use full truckload (TL) services or if you are looking to add additional capacity and flexibility to existing lanes, less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation can be your go-to solution.

Benefits of LTL

Regardless of your food product type, or whether it’s ambient or temperature-controlled, getting your produce from source to store shelves involves the same set of critical capabilities that LTL shipping can effectively provide.

Short transit times

To ensure freshness, quality, and safety, food companies constantly work to reduce the time from production to delivery. LTL carriers with published delivery schedules can ensure your freight’s transit time is kept to a minimum. Additional time-saving 3PL solutions such as cross-docking and freight consolidation can further reduce drive times and costs.

Reliable delivery

Food suppliers count on their logistics partners to meet retailers’ ever-tightening delivery windows to avoid missed appointments and resulting penalties. A dependable LTL carrier with experience in retail distribution, a track record of consistently making on-time deliveries, and the capacity to scale with your needs will go a long way in alleviating such concerns.

Proper equipment

Each food product has temperature and handling requirements. Some foods are more time-sensitive, while others need careful management to prevent damage en route. An optimized food supply chain must ensure the correct temperature ranges are maintained and appropriate handling protocols are followed at every step along the way. A well-equipped LTL carrier with personnel well-trained in food safety can meet both criteria. In addition, many LTL providers utilize the latest technology to bring features such as instant tracking, remote temperature control, and live trailer camera views for peace of mind.

Cost control

While handling produce often comes at a higher cost than handling and shipping other goods, there are many ways to control rates. The first step is to partner with an LTL carrier shipping high volumes, with fewer stops, and trailers at or near capacity in weight or cube. Then take full advantage of the additional cost-savings of other 3PL services, such as cross-docking or co-packaging.

Reliable and cost-effective LTL and 3PL solutions to meet all food and beverage shipping needs

At Colonial Cartage, our fleet of over 260 temperature-controlled, food-grade trucks and trailers, equipped with the latest tracking and ELD technology, delivers to food retailers, wholesalers, and distributors in 26 states.

Our award-winning services include:

  • Freight consolidation: Working in collaboration with Atlanta Bonded Warehouse, our refrigerated LTL freight consolidation program is one of the country’s most extensive pool distribution programs, with weekly deliveries to retailers in 26 states. Unlike most LTL carriers, we do not trap freight. As long as there is at least one order, our trucks will depart on schedule for that destination.
  • Breakbulk Service: Our qualified clients can pick their outbound orders directly from inbound cargo received in bulk at our loading dock, allowing our shippers to offload one part of their fulfillment process.
  • Cross-docking: We are continually improving our cross-docking procedures, along with the required infrastructure and technology to eliminate unnecessary freight handling and storage. The results are shorter transit times, less redundant handling, minor product damage, and lower cost.
  • Warehousing: With 6.5 million square feet of space across 15 facilities offering both shared and dedicated warehousing in five states, we have the experience and the scope to grow with your food business.
  • Co-packaging: Looking for packaging and labeling services for faster turnaround, scalability, and less capital investment? We provide multiple co-packaging services.

Contact Colonial Cartage today to learn more about LTL solutions for food-grade product manufacturers.